Tutorial on how to use Cadcentric to create RS274X gerber files from an Autotrax .PCB file.

1) Start cadc.exe.  Select PCB -> RS274 Gerber


2) Select the layers you want to generate.  Osh park requires 2.4 for NC drill.  Fill mode should be flash.  Include the board layer.  Don't enable the thermals on external layer or pours options. You probably want top copper, bottom copper, top legend, drill drawing, top solder mask, bottom solder mask and NC drill, but choose as per your desires.


3) Click on plot.


4) There is an information dialog, click ok.


5) Select the enlargements.  For example, in this image, the opening in the solder mask is 6 mills larger than the pad.  Drill guide size is the aperture size (in mills) used to draw the drill drawing.  After all of the selections are made, click the Make APT file button.


6) Choose the .PCB file you want to generate gerbers for.


7) After the apertures are assigned, confirm the Done information box.


8) Close the PCB---> APT window.


9) When you close the PCB ---> APT window, the gerbers will be generated. The status window will show you what was created.


10) You are done.  The gerber files will be in the same directory that the .PCB file was in.

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